Holy Garage Sale!

This was my first real garage sale weekend since we embarked on Reclaimed Crafts, and boy was I excited. My son Gus’ early wake up time assured us the best picks. Gus, my friend Kerry and I piled into her car and had an unbelievably fruitful morning. First stop, an older gentleman in Florence who was, in his own words, “downsizing.” He wistfully parted with this amazing vintage wall map of the Valley, the kind they used to have in classrooms, while recounting all of the times he used it to get places, telling me it was “faster than the Internet.”

Then on to Holyoke, where an estate sale netted us a great old Jordan Marsh ad, a whole set of “Power of Personality” books (which I may have to read before reusing them as great decoupage material), a New York Times from 1962, and a 1963 year in review book that calls Canada “the ‘unknown’ giant” and features a special report on the Kennedy assassination.

Then on to a sale we fortuitously stumbled upon, to find exactly what I had been looking for to use as mats for accordion photo albums and the 4 over 4 salvage windows Laurie scored last weekend: 12 vintage New England maps.

Finally, $2 bought me an enormous bag of felt in Easthampton, just perfect for converting old tiles into coasters. A very happy weekend!