Glorious Pride and Great Garage Sale-ing

Is there a better weekend in the Valley than the Pride Parade, roller derby and some excellent garage sale-ing?  I think not.  This weekend netted some more terrific vintage maps (are you sensing a theme here, or, perhaps, a slight obsession?):

some amazing hooks that are allegedly from the Crane Estate in Dalton:

that’s Gus’ hand…

a cool vintage-y yardstick to make one of these, some old-school 80’s sunglasses (Pretty in Pink?  16 Candles?  Risky Business?), and the best yet:  a recent article in Reclaimed Crafts made me start thinking about using the old-style Scrabble tile racks to affix to the chalkboard windows to hold the chalk.  This morning I went to a tag sale, picked up a Scrabble game, and discovered that all it has in it are the tile racks.  Serendipity, or what? 

And here is a sneak peek of the 8 over 8 pane salvage window turned chalk board.  Now I need to paint, stencil, affix the tile rack, and it will be done!