vintage clothing labels

After a lovely day at Look Park where we climbed the jungle gym stairs, slid down the slide, ate wood chips, repeat, repeat, repeat, Gus and I took a little nip into Goodwill.  Hidden in the sewing section was a goodie bag full of vintage clothing labels, all from New England.  The fonts and logos are so cool, I couldn’t resist.  Now, what should I do with them?

9 thoughts on “vintage clothing labels”

  1. what a find, Jen!

    You MUST check out my high school friend Linda's blog:

    Linda's the former graphic editor for Fortune and a collector extraordinaire of recyclable art. Alas she lives in the Big Apple bc I know she would have loved to play with us on Tuesday eves.

  2. They would make some sort of great collage! Very cool logos. But I shouldn't encourage you to be collecting things since I know John is starting to get worried…:)
    Who knew Goodwill has a sewing section??!!

  3. Sell them to me! :)
    I hand make quality textile goods from all vintage materials… and have just run out of my own vintage label stash!
    Or if no :/ Have fun with whatever you decide.
    Cheers, Leslie

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