flea marketing and tons of new stuff and ideas

We are pretty set and totally excited for our inaugural class next week, and now I cannot stop buying more cool stuff for future projects.  Really, these classes are fine, fine excuses to drive several hours on a sunny Sunday to Elephant’s Trunk in Litchfield County. 

Today’s best find was inspired by – of all people – my husband.  Really, if he can come up with crafty ideas, anyone can.  Check out this unbelievably cool, vintage croquet set. 

Even the guy who sold it to me was excited to hear that I was going to deconstruct it and turn it into 50 million projects.  Or perhaps he was just humoring me while I forked over my cash…

I had already brainstormed a towel rack with the mallet handles, taper candlesticks with the mallet heads and tealight candlesticks with the balls, but check out this amazing table using the mallets, these super simple photo holders made with the balls, awesome coat rack using part of the mallets and great mail holder using the wickets.  We could (and perhaps will) do an entire class series just with croquet sets!  I am feeling like one of those hip chefs who uses the entire carcass of the animal, or – to stay in the crafty theme – like Liz from Sticks and Bricks who just completely deconstructed this radio cabinet

Next up are these great old yardsticks mostly from Valley locales. 

I have in mind to do a side or coffee table and a coat holder with the yardsticks as the base and the small bobbins I scored from Brimfield as the knobs, but the guy who sold them to me (it’s so cool how everyone has a great idea to share) suggested photo frames, which I also love.

Finally, my friend Kerry convinced me to buy Marriage and Sexual Harmony from 1938 for decoupaging (and some excellent advice)

and these cool label frames for I don’t know what yet (nor do I know what a Shoe Dauber is…)