ancient floor board + vintage clothespins = key hook

Our good friends have a barn full of floor boards from the 1700’s, and last week we filled the trunk of John’s station wagon in seconds flat.  I did wonder what the original occupants of the house would have thought to hear us chattering excitedly about reusing the boards for jewelry holders, mail slots and key hooks, but whatever…  It got a bit more embarrassing when I found myself giggling delightedly as I used a putty knife and sandpaper to reveal beautiful layers of mustard, sage and periwinkle paint (yeah, they’d laugh at my J. Crew color palate, too).

But back to this super cool project.  If you’ve been following along closely, you’ll remember these vintage round-head clothespins from one of the first estate sales of the season.  Laurie created a mail holder and decoupaged the heck out of it (stay tuned for her posting), and I created this key hook/sunglass holder that could also make a fabulous jewelry holder.  And best part about it – I got to use a power tool (ok, it was just Hilary’s electric drill, but still)!

Check out all of those paint layers – beautiful!

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