window minus glass plus fabric = gorgeous!

i am so pleased with the results of this fabric window.  the fact that the glass is missing is only because i wasn’t as careful as i could have been when first trying to attach the fabric mats to the window.  in typical laurie fashion, i figured i could drink a glass of wine, watch house hunters and attach finishing nails to a window – all while surfing the internet. no shocker, i cracked a glass pane!  figuring that the whole thing shouldn’t go to waste and because i loved the paint finish i worked hard on, i decided to soldier on.  with the help of Accomplice, i learned how to remove the glazing and all of the window’s glass. then, because my first fabric panes were not as carefully measured as they could have been, i re-did each of them, this time being as exacting as possible and measuring each pane of glass. i attached the fabrics to mats i cut from a fed-ex shipping box (from Accomplice’s home office) with some spray adhesive (my new best friend). then I used glazier’s points to secure the mats to the window.  I strung a hanger on the back and ta-da! i lovely piece of art for above the bed. i love it!