class is in session!

Eight crafty, fun women, tons of vintage and salvaged materials, and an inspiring work shop in which to craft – is there anything better than that?  I think not. 

And so began the demo Reclaimed Crafts class.  We know classes are going well when, with 15 minutes to go, no one can believe we’ve been crafting for almost 2 hours already, and Wendy suggests we pull a crafting all-nighter. 

People are doing amazing things, having fun doing it, and loving our hip space in the workshop of Sticks and Bricks.  Here’s a peek at the first two classes.

Sarena, Mary and Lisa decide to turn their salvaged 4 over 4 pane windows into chalkboards, and hit the ground running.

The girls inside spend quite a bit of time fondling the gorgeous vintage fabric, then get busy cutting mats and fabric.
Lisa wins the prize for the fastest work  – painting the first layer of chalkboard paint and choosing one of Liz’s beautiful paint colors for the windowframe (hard to tell here, but it’s a vibrant blue).
Good thing Laurie broke a pane on her demo window, thus becoming an expert on professional pane removal, which both Jane (wielding the hammer) and Heidi decided to do in order to make the windows lighter and do bulletin boards.  Wendy is demonstrating how to waterwash the paint for a cool weathered look.

Everyone getting their craft groove on:  windows and coasters.
Gorgeous coasters made from salvaged bathroom tiles, decoupage paper and wallpaper samples.