all crafts all the time

Class 3 was a crazy riot of craft projects!  We threw it all down in one crazy multi-project class:  decoupaged clothespins; coasters made from leftover bathroom tiles; four over four pane windows made into bulletin boards, photo frames, decorative fabric frames and chalkboards; and napkin rings from vintage fabric and buttons.  This is what it all looked like:

A chalkboard window faceoff.  Both Lisa and Mary decided to paint the inside wood frame a different color than the outside for a cool contrast.
Here’s Mary’s finished window – the lilac on the inside really makes the chalkboard windows pop, and sets the frame color off beautifully.
And then there were coasters.  Sarena went into coaster overdrive, first covering the coaster in decoupage paper and then layering pages of an old cool book over the paper:

More clothespins.  Always more clothesins.  Love the clothespins.
And Heidi, our resident speed crafter, whips through some gorgeous napkin rings…  
… and some coasters
And Wendy completes her gorgeous fabric window.  What a perfect selection of fabrics – they look as though they all came from the same fabric mama:
It’s hard to believe next week is the final class.  We had a blast and are looking forward to putting together a fall schedule of classes.

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