Can’t. Stop. Decoupaging.

I want to decoupage everything that moves (cats and baby Gus emit sighs of relief).  This project was inspired by a beautiful decoupaged plate I got at Twist several years ago. 

It began by scoring a bunch of large square glass tiles from FreeCycle.  I then sat down with a bunch of magazines, some old books and my alphabet stamps and started decoupaging.  It looked a little high school (you know, when you cut out a bunch of pictures and words from Seventeen and Glamour Magazines and put them all together and gave them to your friends…or maybe it was just a Long Island thing?).  So with Laurie’s help, I changed some stuff and came up with this summer-themed square with a very preppy paper background:

While I loved the design, it kind of still felt like a glass tile with decoupage on it.  Pretty, not practical, and we at Reclaimed Crafts are all about pretty AND practical.  And lots of Mod Podge.  Then Laurie, thinker of big, creative thoughts, remembered the vintage glass stoppers we got at Brimfield even though we had no idea what we’d do with them:

Feet!  Of course.  They were meant to be feet, so that Decoupaged Glass Tile would become Pretty Summer Cheese Plate.  And so, with a touch of Gorilla Glue, it did.
My map obsession grew when I found a maritime map at Goodwill.  It wasn’t just any maritime map, it was a maritime map of Long Island, where my stepdad has his boat.  His boat clearly needed a tray for cocktail service, and it needed to be decoupaged with the maps of where the boat was going.
And then there are all of those vintage road maps from gas companies long gone.  Perfect little present for my mom, the compulsive organizer, to clip her papers neatly together.