spindle sticks are flying off the shelves!

My first attempt at selling my crafts is officially a success!  Two Christmases ago, at our annual craft day (otherwise known as the Longest Day of the Year), my friend Laurie ceremoniously dropped a crapload of salvaged, white-paint-peeling balusters on my kitchen floor.

Unbelievably, a quick search on the Google Machine revealed an entire section of a wonderful website dedicated to craft projects with salvaged wooden balusters.  Who knew?  Who even knew what they were called?  (If it’s not obvious from the picture, and you don’t want to look it up, balusters are the wooden spindles that run perpendicular to the staircase railing).  

The candlesticks we created to give as holiday presents were a huge hit, so much so that I was brave enough to march into sticks and bricks and suggest to Liz that they would do great in her fabulous furniture shop.  They sold out! 

a few more and you have a kickin’ menorah!

beautiful and dramatic grouped together

gorgeous and elegant against my Beth Mueller jars
almost naked pair

Now I’m thinking this is a must-do workshop.  The project calls for using a handsaw and a drill with a funky bit.  What more could you want?

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