best baby shower crafting project ever

Seriously.  This is the coolest, most do-able baby shower craft project ever.  Imagine going to a baby shower, and instead of watching an exhausted pregger woman open 10 billion baby presents (say it, all together, “Oh, how cute, how tiny!”), actually being creative and producing fabulous, useful presents for the bambinos-to-be. 

Laurie, who is now the mom of two amazingly beautiful babies, Amelia and Elliott, received 12 onesies, in ascending size, with the numbers 1-12 sewn on them.  What a useful, fantastic way to take those monthly pictures so you can remember what babe looked like each of those amazing first 12 months (let’s face it, you aren’t going to remember if you don’t take pictures, you can’t even remember what you ate for breakfast 3 hours ago once you have kids).

Check the onesies out in “action”:

hello, Amelia!
hello, Elliott!
Check out all 12 at this great blog.
We’d love to help you put this great project together at the next baby shower you organize.  We have the most amazing stash of vintage fabrics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s for a retro babe, or pick your own fabrics!