if Reese Witherspoon lived in Northampton, we would so be friends with her

Imagine my glee when I read in People Magazine (the go to source for reliable celebrity news, thankyouverymuch) that Reese Witherspoon is a huge fan of Reclaimed Crafts.  She must be.  She had a “rustic farm-style wedding” complete with a wood plank dance floor, reclaimed wood chandeliers, mismatched antique chairs, mason jars filled with flowers, and burlap bags filled with locally-made honey as favors.  How awesome is that?  If only she had found us, we could have helped her and her celebri-buddies create these stunning candlestick holders crafted from salvaged balusters and reclaimed barn posts:

these little guys are new – aren’t they adorable?  
love the white wax that Liz from sticks & bricks suggested using