why isn’t there a tv show about us?

Is it because we would never wear such short shorts in downtown Northampton, much less on national television?

Seriously, we are so much cooler than the sisters.  We don’t have a hunky contractor named Alan to do the hard work – we do it ourselves!  So if you happen to be a Lifetime producer, or are the bff of a Lifetime producer, hook us up!

But on to the main event…

I had my best tagging day EVER today.  I credit my friend Kerry.  She usually has the best tagging karma ever, and she didn’t find anything today.  The only conclusion I can pull is that I sucked the karma right out of her. 

Check out the goods!

gorgeous old knobs and small wooden handles that may find their way
onto a croquet mallet to make a hat or dishtowel holder

cookbooks!  maps!  cookbooks!  maps!

from the 50’s
I’m going to make a recipe a day, blog about it,
and then they will make a blockbuster movie about me

wooden bobbins, tons of ’em
do you know how long I’ve been searching for these?

Cool vintage dresses (one was still in the drycleaner bag).
When they make a show about us, this is what we will wear.

the tiny daisies are KILLING me

oh.  my.  god.
You can’t imagine how I felt when I saw these.
I carefully hid my glee in order to bargain hard.
Candlesticks!  Candlesticks!  Candlesticks!

cute, dorky briefcase from who knows when –
perfect to display items on at Twist

 I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong.
I don’t have enough croquet sets.  I don’t.