this is not your bat mitzvah menorah

Remember those beautiful vintage wooden spools I scored on the best tag sale-ing weekend ever?

I knew I had to have them, but I didn’t know why (story of reclaimed crafts’ life, really).  Luckily, the very same weekend my friend Hilary Price (yes, that Hilary Price – my friendship with her may be the closest I get to my 15 minutes of fame.  Oh, wait.  Rachel Maddow was at my wedding.  That must count for something).  But I digress.

Hilary was in a creative mood and is Jewish.  Excellent combination, because look what happened next:

vintage wooden spools + reclaimed yardstick + 
touch of industrial (lug nuts) = one creative menorah!

This one will be for sale at Twist this Friday night and all day Saturday.  So come on down and snap it up, or email me for a special order.  Hanukah’s late this year, so you have plenty of time!

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