holiday crafting!

Happy New Year!  Now seemed like a good time to show off some holiday crafting goodies.  It was a mellow crafting holiday, after the big Twist push in November.  But still, a few super fun, quick and well-received presents were created – check them out!

reclaimed from the bees:  
hand-rolled beeswax candles
(all 8 days, now that’s a lot of rolling)

snapped up these bags, 
made to hold jammies, at the
upcycled them as reusable wrapping

can’t get enough of the salvaged clothespins,
this time making themselves of use as 
napkin holders

another gorgeous jammie bag, this time
repurposed as a cover for a garage-sale tray
two layers of poly (over two layers of Mod Podge)
and voila, a waterproof tray!

Now that the holidays are over, and our nephew Otto (or BabyOtto, as Gus calls him), is on his way, stay tuned for some awesome reclaimed baby presents!

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