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I decided it was high time to display some pictures of Gus in my office.  The problem was deciding which of the 10 billion shots would be featured.  I found 3 that seem to capture his personality, and then grabbed some 50 cent tag sale frames I’ve been hanging on to.
While I was looking through some decoupage papers, I thought about how nicely my fabric tray came out:

Have I told you about this fabric?  I had a girls’ day last summer, and while a great part of the day was spent on a strenuous hike up Mt. Greylock (ok, moderate…), we also visited the pine cone hill/dash and albert tent sale.  Oh my.  Did I say oh my?  Here’s another one:  oh my.  I thought our heads would explode (in a good way).  On a second trip this fall (part of my birthday present, thank you John), I snagged these crazy adorable pajama sacks.  They were only $1 each, came in the best fabrics, and have literally THOUSANDS of uses.

And let me tell you, this fabric is SO EASY to work with!  Not only does it decoupage beautifully, but it looks awesome on the monthly onesies I just finished for Baby Otto (stay tuned for that post, I’m in love with them and you will be, too).  So here’s the finished product.  They look great, but I fully recognize that the adorable boy helps.

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