month-by-month hand sewn onesies plus a cupcake

I’ve been excited to make month-by-month onesies since Laurie’s twins were gifted with some when they were born (almost a year ago!).  Not only are onesies super practical baby presents (which I can tell you from experience are the best kind), but they are so great for snapping photos for a record of each month of babe’s first year.  

I used our stash of vintage fabrics as well as those great pajama bags I scored at the Pine Cone Hill tent sale last fall.  You can hand sew them like I did, or applique them on.  I’m not a particularly sentimental person, but I almost got teary thinking about our new nephew Otto as he grows and changes over the next year.  And wondering which onesies would suffer from poop explosions.  

This is a super fun and easy activity to do at a baby shower.  We’ll bring the fabric, onesies, and expertise.  Email us for the next shower you host!

All but the 1st birthday!

Don’t forget zero!

today I am zero!

happy first birthday!

cupcake close-up
a little off balance, but even cuter that way

a basket of Otto goodies:
decoupaged blocks and hand sewn onesies

welcome, Otto!
there’s a tricycle in your future!

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