creepy shop + awesome yardsticks = business card holders

I was on my way to do a training for my day job in Pittsfield, and I nearly veered off the road to check out a slightly creepy but cool looking shop.  Being the professional that I am, I continued along to the training and spoke authoritatively about all things legal.  Next chance I got, I returned to said creepy shop.  Lo and behold, 2 awesome, local, super old yardsticks netted me 3 new business card holders.  These are so fun to make and result in such a unique, useful item.
love the vintage font

look at that cool ampersand!

Dalton – home of super cool

special measuring for fuel

that’s good cooking…

We love doing custom orders – shoot us an email and tell us what you want on your yardstick business card holder!


5 thoughts on “creepy shop + awesome yardsticks = business card holders”

  1. Jen, I'd like to buy the Dalton, MA one, please; my home town. Save it for me and I'll stop in sometime soon. btw, thanks for the plug to my website.


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