the 70’s called and they want their fabric back

Is the ’70s singular or plural?  Hmmmm.

Periodically we get emails asking if we’d like someone’s (or someone’s nana’s) stash of fabric.  Of course we do.  Recently I was pawing through a box I probably got over a year ago, and came across the most fabulous curtains ever.  They reminded me of being 9.  There, I’ve dated myself.  They were perfect for putting together a sample burlap coffee bag runner for Monday’s table runner and napkin ring class. 

If this inspires you, and you must get your hands on this fabric (there’s more, oh yes, there’s more), email me now ( to sign up for Monday’s class at the fabulous sticks and bricks in downtown Northampton from 6-9.  

For $45, you can take a yoga class down the street, or, you can make yourself a gorgeous table runner with vintage fabric + reclaimed burlap coffee bags from local heroes Indigo Coffee, a set of napkin rings with matching (or non-matching, we won’t judge) vintage fabric and recycled buttons, get your creative groove on, and drink a little red wine.  Because wine makes you more creative.

crazy fabric!

candlesticks from salvaged balusters

organic – very important in a table runner

aerial view, shows off the table from a
salvaged barn door + sewing table bases

the kitty cats thumb their noses at 
niceties like table runners