oh party prep!

i’m so excited about e’s baby shower on sunday! i spent a good deal of nap time today organizing our ginormous stash of fabric and deciding which were just right to bring to the party. e’s friends and family will be making her monthly onesies (like the ones jen made for otto).  so fun! i will be bringing this gorgeous collection of vintage and eclectic fabrics for folks to design with, along with white onesies, directions and assistance. (this project is so easy though! the better to craft and drink mimosas with!) our goal for this and every shower: the new mom gets something beautiful, useful and incredibly meaningful and the guests get the chance to be creative, have fun and give something with their own special touch that mom is totally thrilled to receive.

so here it is. don’t show e this amazing stash. some of the real fun is watching jaws gape when they see the beautiful choices.