hitting the tag sale ground running

a4273-bigrig252cgusletters252crocker010Tons of tag sales, tons of balls and trucks.  Alas, Gus is finally at the age where he realizes that he, too, can buy stuff at tag sales.  I did manage to score a few items for myself, though, including a vintage suitcase for free, my favorite price.

The most fun was visiting a found objects artist’s studio and pawing through all of the treasures that were up for grab.  I scored all three letters in Gus’ name (another good reason for choosing a single syllable name) and turned around a project in no time flat, which makes my husband very happy.

d1c98-guslettersbigrigday001Here they are in their original form (sturdy, wooden and boring.

Then I quickly repurposed the 1970’s Massachusetts map I scored around the corner from our house (tip:  better to trace on the right side of the map, so you actually get the part of the map you want.  Unless you’re more talented than I am, and can see through the paper).  At first I obsessed about a perfect trace, but then it occurred to me:  Gus is three.  And to quote honey badger, he don’t care.  Quick layer of mod podge, some cute stamps, a layer of poly, and done.  All in a perfect spring weekend (insert pat on the back here).
boats on the Cape
bikes in the Berkshires
cars in the Valley