rocking chair rescue #2

c2959-bigrigguslettersrocker001My very first furniture project was a rocking chair with no seat that I dragged from the curb to my mint green rental house in Somerville, Mass, so I have a bit of a soft spot for rockers.  

Sorry there’s no “before” shot.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was going to blog about projects.  Wait, blog wasn’t even a word back then…  Here’s the chair in its current state, after its second renovation. 
acdb3-rockingchair001 b251b-rockingchair002
Fast forward to a beautiful fall day last year, en route to Quonquont Farm to pick apples.  We passed a tag sale, and as is its wont, my car pulled off the road and shut off its engine.  Despite (or perhaps because of) the decrepit shape of the rocker, I had to have it.
My first thought (not surprising to those who know me, or even just you blog readers) was to scrape and paint blue.  But then I started scraping and sanding, and some beautiful layers of gray, blue and green paint were revealed.  So instead I gave it a few layers of exterior poly and set to work on the seat. I had already chosen one of our fabulous vintage fabrics in a riot of colorful flowers.  I upscaled the upholstery job by using actual furniture tacks instead of thumb tacks.  It was slow and painstaking, but not as hard as I expected.  But don’t look TOO closely at the upholstery job, please.