finally, a home for those tiny blue bottles

32650-menorah1For all of you faithful reclaimed crafts blog readers (and we know you are out there), you will recall some posts about a bunch of tiny blue bottles I scored from Free Cycle, when reclaimed crafts was still a baby.

We’d revisit them every so often, but nothing really stuck (except dust, which had settled nicely on the tops of them while they hung out in my basement).  Well, we never fail to come up with super creative ideas when we are hanging out in my kitchen, having a glass of wine (or 2), and this time around it came together so nicely, we couldn’t believe it hadn’t occurred to us before.  We paired the bottles with our beautiful salvaged wood from our friends at Berkshire Barns, vintage clear bottles for the shames,  some industrial hardware to lend some edge and to secure the candles, and voila!