New Knack inventory!

afd97-thanksgivingandknack040We’re selling out at the Knack Holiday Pop Up Store, so it was time to make more inventory!  On tap:  trays, trays, trays! Trays with vintage yardsticks!  Trays with vintage maps! Trays with vintage cookbooks!  And more of the perennial favorites: yardstick business card holders and decoupaged clipboards.

I have acquired my own personal shopper for reclaimed crafts goods, for which I am so grateful!  You’ll remember her as the scorer of the original inspiration for reclaimed crafts: chippy wooden balusters at the curb of an old farmhouse by the Connecticut River. She’s been a huge supporter ever since, and besides religiously hitting the Salvation Army on half-price Wednesdays for us, she recently took a trip to her dad’s basement, and oh my, what she found.  Hasko Haskelite trays from the 1950’s!  Can you think of a better way to display recipes and drawings from the 1958 Good Housekeeping Cookbook series?  No, you cannot.  I had such a good time making these! 

And yardsticks, more yardsticks, and trays for days.




7 thoughts on “New Knack inventory!”

  1. Hi – these are awesome!!! I happen to have a few of these – and was wondering what you attached the paper with? Just decopage glue?


  2. Hi there – so sorry to respond so late, I missed your comment through the spam! Yes, I use mod podge to affix and then another layer on top. If you want to make it water proof, put a layer or two of polyeurethene over the top layer of mod podge.

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