travel pin board

f3890-momWe thought it would be fun and  * educational * to create a travel pin board for Gus.  At first it was simply terrifying, as in, my son just grabbed a thumbtack off of his fun and educational travel pin board and almost tossed it in his mouth.

We quickly removed it from its perch right above his crib and forgot about it for a while.  Now that he is 3, we figure/hope he is old enough to know better.  There are a million different ways to do and embellish these, but here is my take. Recycled bulletin board, vintage-looking map (forgive me, I needed it in a pinch), decoupage paper, adorably-colored push pins, baker’s twine (naturally).

recycled bulletin board
recycled bulletin board
vacationing in Ohio, oddly enough
so many tiny east coast states



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