collegiate bike racing

13f13-tinycardboardnotebooks012It’s not often that my business and my husband’s collide:  he does race results for bike races.

However, he’s in charge of all of the numbers for the collegiate bike races in New England and the Mid-Atlantic…


…and so there’s a lot of cardboard left over…

dc23b-tinycardboardnotebooks002…which is where I come in.






I found a great tutorial for mini notebooks, and put a few twists on it, using vintage maps, baker’s twine, funky number stamps and my stash of buttons.


I also got to use my 2 favorite features of my new, gorgeous paper cutter.
Creme de la craft’s tutorial is terrific, so if you’re interested in doing this fun and easy project, go there.  I add just one suggestion:  if you prick your finger so hard it bleeds, put a band-aid on so you don’t bleed on your nice white paper.  Also, it’s easier to complete this project without a large cat on your lap.

That’s right, folks, you can always come here for your highly technical craft tips.




Here’s the finished product!

13f13-tinycardboardnotebooks012 1a126-tinycardboardnotebooks010

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