curbside window + reclaimed nautical maps = weekly whiteboard calendar

a61fb-summer20131075A whole day of tag sale-ing and my biggest score was the freebie pile across the street from the tag sale. Go figure.  

See, this is why you have to be zen when you tag sale, not obsessively make lists based upon empty Craigslist promises about barn sales. Not that I’d ever do that.  Never mind:  the window was sweet, it was free, and it was what I had been wanting for a while.


I’ve been thinking about doing a whiteboard-type calendar project for a while.  But while I am already daydreaming about the colors of paint chips I will “borrow” from my local Walmart (I’d never do that to my local hardware), I had to put my own twist on this one.
My first thought was maps (natch), but they seemed too busy as a background to a calendar.  Then I remembered all of the fabulous nautical maps I’ve been stashing for an occasion such as this.  And please note how the hardware provides the perfect resting spot for the marker.