clipboards, rusty hinges, copper plate, nautical maps.

0d69b-photoandrolodexholders017So I am gifting photos this year, because my son is adorable. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that my original big idea was to buy a frame at Target and put some pretty paper over the mat and call it a day.  WHO AM I?  Fail. So I went to my new favorite blog for inspiration and found this project, among other fabulous ideas. Check this blog out, you’ll love it.

Then I went to one of the coolest stores on earth, The Trading Post.  Not only do they have the best stuff at the best prices, but they are so nice to my 4 1/2 year old, and they get me.  They promptly responded to my emergency email requesting rusty hinges. That kind of getting me.  Check out these treasures:

Sadly, I had already blown through my small clipboard collection, and looked in vain for new old ones.  In desperation, I bought brand news ones from Staples.  I know, I know. More fail.  Even my husband was a little horrified. Then, in a true left brain/right brain collaborative effort, I combined a trip to the Greenfield Housing Court (day job) with a trip to another one the coolest places on earth, Loot.  If you haven’t been, go.  Run, don’t walk.  And go a lot, because they keep getting new stuff in.  SO much better than a brand new Staples clipboard.
And these are the two beauties that transpired (with action shots of hubby in his penguin jammies):
action shot
mother board + hinge
cousin love
vintage clipboard + hinge + nautical map
On Pop Pop’s boat