this to that and big news

filing cabinet tower, naturally

Well, hello, it’s been a while.  My day job + my other day job have been getting in the way.  Sigh…  But I have some very exciting news.  We are building a studio! It’s going to be tucked in against the garage and I will post pictures as it comes along.  It will be an inspired space and great for parties and workshops. 

For now, I offer you an easy “this to that” project, using a great vintage test tube rack generously bequeathed by Liz from the always amazing Sticks and Bricks.  I had a hard time finding cool test tubes without spending a fortune on Ebay (#don’tgoto thedarkside, #where’sthefuninthat) until I wandered into the super hip South End of Burlington.  When I saw this:


Yes, it’s a enormous tower of filing cabinets, because why not.  I wandered in to this amazing store and found a bunch of treasures, including the long-sought after test tubes. Also snapped up were these employee training signs from a long-shuttered GE plant, and good advice for us all.


This “this to that” project couldn’t be easier – perfect for a long summer evening, porch-side, glass of wine in hand.





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