Kid. Candy store.

d0b0f-doorI’ve had doors on my mind. Workshop doors.  We scored a set of beautiful Queen Anne doors (pictures to come) at Architectural Salvage in Exeter, New Hampshire, but still needed a single for the side entrance.  We swung by New England Demolition and Salvage in New Bedford on the way to the Cape this weekend and scored this beauty.

It was not easy to find this spectacular door and it took the help of one of their super friendly staff to turn over door after door after door.  But in a true melding of my right and left brain careers, I summonsed the spirit of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart who famously said about porn, “I know it when I see it.”  And I did.  About the door, that is. Maybe 100 doors into our search, this beauty revealed itself.  Turns out it’s from a now-defunct motorcycle shop in Wareham, MA, which was torn down to welcome in Water Wizz.  [Insert joke of choice here.]  I’m going to have to get really friendly with my electric sander, but it’s going to be so worth it.