a mechanic’s creeper in your living room

497c0-dsc_0045Several months ago, I posted about the kind of New England fall day where you feel like you are in a Yankee Magazine article.  We headed up to the Ashfield Fall Festival, where men proudly wear tee-shirts emblazoned “eat more kale” and kids decorate pumpkins and eat maple cotton candy (ok, adults, too).  We stopped at a tag sale that was held inside a covered bridge.  Right?I spied not one but two service station creepers.  Along with the creepers (two for the price of one!), I learned that the guy who sold them to me used to have long hair, which got stuck in the creeper wheels when he worked at the now defunct Norm’s Service Station in downtown Ashfield.  That story just increased the value of my creepers a million fold.  And made me think I really needed to remove the head rests.
I did just that.  Removed the head rests.  Gross.  Here are the befores:

These creepers were gorgeous, but they had seen the underbellies of a lot of cars.  Hello, epoxy!  I gave them a gorgeous layer of epoxy which gave them a smooth, clear and thick layer of cleanliness.  A good and unusual thing in a creeper.  
Then, for the legs.  The sexy skinny Don Draper era legs were salvaged off of a gross, bright red table top rescued from the side of the road.  The sexy curvy table legs were purchased at a local tag sale, to the curiosity of many. 
The wheels, the very essence of the creeper, stayed put.  You can see the wear and tear and imagine all of those enormous gas guzzling cars of the 50’s and 60’s getting all fixed up at Norm’s.
And voila, the most beautiful and unique tables you could ever wish to have.  And if you have car trouble, you have a creeper.