super quick 2 year, 30 minute curtain tieback project

curtain-tie-for-topSo about 2 years ago, I saw this clever, fun idea for curtain tie backs.   I duly pinned it, looked at it periodically, bought the cord on etsy (this is not a tag sale victory post), bought the key ring and snap hooks at the local hardware (nothing salvaged here), and then 2 years passed.  Kind of like the story of my dry cleaning.  

We have recently been on a home improvement kick, so I located all of the supplies, tucked away for just this moment, read the instructions (or, rather, complete and utter lack of instructions – hint:  you cannot make these with a single, uncut cord – it is cut and tied in the back, which hopefully no one will ever see), almost ran out of cord, and then got the husband’s feedback.  Back to the hardware store, reworked them, and here they are.

Not bad for 2 years of lollygagging and about 30 minutes of work.  Rather nautical, which pleases me.