ball jars + barn wood = pendant lamp

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I’ve been cogitating over proper dining room lighting for years, and it finally came together when I saw a posting about how to create a box to cover unsightly wires when creating pendant lighting.  Then, the rest was clear.  I love me some ball jars, and the ones with the zinc tops are perfect for drilling to make pendant lights – I already know this from the lighting in my studio.

lighting 9

Now, back to those unsightly wires.  We are so lucky to live in a town so cool that we have our own specialty company – Sundial Wire – that sells gorgeous cloth-covered wire.


I chose this beautiful chocolate-colored houndstooth print, because it matches the walls and who doesn’t need more houndstooth in their life?


The material to create the box was also obvious – leftover barn board from the studio.

lighting 6

I tend to hate blog posts that give “hubby” all the credit, but I really must give “hubby” (let’s call him John, because, well, that’s his name) most of the credit for the buildout and figuring out all of the wiring and boring bits.  Here he is putting it all together:

There were a surprising number of options for “Edison” lightbulbs, but we finally decided on these (cat not included with purchase):

lighting 10

I’m thrilled with the final product:

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Let the dinner parties commence (cat included)!

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