vintage filing cabinet drawers

magazine holder 2My picking buddy and I nipped into Studio Second Canal in Holyoke yesterday for their closing sale.  Boy, what a day! We even got to explore Bruce’s workspace, which involved stepping on crates and crawling through a window, which did not deter us one bit.  This photo gives you just a small window into the treasures that were to behold (and does not even include the antique casket stand, which would make a killer coffee table in some hipster Soho loft). Continue reading “vintage filing cabinet drawers”


business card holder? think again!

Shirley Chisholm, back on the ballot!
Shirley Chisholm, back on the ballot!

I love when people send me photos of my business card holders in their new homes. Especially when those people are creatives, like the amazing Rob Kimmel.  Look at how he’s using his “business card” holder.

random hardware = lovely candlesticks

criss cross applesauce, as my son would say
criss cross applesauce,
as my son would say

A few weeks ago, my tag sale partner and I hit a sale that was advertised as a tool and hardware sale.  Our hearts went pitter patter, naturally.  By the time we rounded up piles of random bits and pieces, the entire crowd was helping us brainstorm projects.  I think they found us adorable and slightly crazy, which sounds about right.  My kinda tag sale. Continue reading “random hardware = lovely candlesticks”

collision of left and right brain

barrett finalThose of you who have been following along at home may remember that part of my inspiration to begin crafting again was to exercise the other part of my brain, as I am a lawyer by day, and don’t have tons of opportunities to be super creative there (though I surprise myself sometimes).  I’ve been a legal aid attorney almost my entire career, which began waaaaaaay back in the mid-90’s. Continue reading “collision of left and right brain”

so much loot at loot

salvaged table leg
salvaged table leg + test tubes = bud vase

Yesterday’s outstanding Pumpkin Fest in downtown Turners Falls presented an excellent excuse to go to Loot, a place that speaks my language.  If you haven’t been to Loot yet, for the love of god, go. Loot describes itself as an industrial artifact and handmade goods emporium, and it’s that and so much more.

But today I’d like to talk about test tube holders, because I have lots and lots and lots of test tubes. Continue reading “so much loot at loot”