super quick 2 year, 30 minute curtain tieback project

curtain-tie-for-topSo about 2 years ago, I saw this clever, fun idea for curtain tie backs.   I duly pinned it, looked at it periodically, bought the cord on etsy (this is not a tag sale victory post), bought the key ring and snap hooks at the local hardware (nothing salvaged here), and then 2 years passed.  Kind of like the story of my dry cleaning.   Continue reading “super quick 2 year, 30 minute curtain tieback project”


open studio


It was so much fun to open up the studio for tours, a trunk show and cupcakes!  I spend so much time alone in the studio, busily crafting and creating, so it was especially wonderful to have it jam packed with friends, family and those looking for some one-of-a-kind, handmade and locally sourced holiday gifts.

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vintage filing cabinet drawers

magazine holder 2My picking buddy and I nipped into Studio Second Canal in Holyoke yesterday for their closing sale.  Boy, what a day! We even got to explore Bruce’s workspace, which involved stepping on crates and crawling through a window, which did not deter us one bit.  This photo gives you just a small window into the treasures that were to behold (and does not even include the antique casket stand, which would make a killer coffee table in some hipster Soho loft). Continue reading “vintage filing cabinet drawers”